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 The brief history of Prelog

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PostajNaslov: The brief history of Prelog   sub srp 19, 2008 4:33 pm

It is good to know the origin of the beginning of our place, I shall briefly paste interesting details the history of Prelog:

More time for the Roman domination, a kilometer from the city today Prelog, is finding
settled facility, called [b] FERENCICA. From the first record of Medimurje learned that the year 1264. count Lankret led hospitese (the king's guests),
gave them land, which was the foundation of the new settlement. In the first "kanon" visits 1334. writing find a parish Prelog (Prilok month) as ECCLEASIAE SANCTI LAURENCII DE PERLOK. But since today is the church of St. Prelogu. Jakob, a vistor St. behold mentioned. Lovras who is now patron of the nearby Cirkovljan, it is assumed that the original "prilok parish" was licensed in Cirkovljan.

HOSPITESI were conceived prelog trade and crafts; place grew, the year 1660. Prelog has 122 house-masterss y.1771. the 204 and 1088 inhabitants!. In 19.century Prelog has silk-facility, salt pans, 1873. establishing one of the oldest banks in Medjimurje, "Donjomeđimurska savings dd", the second bank - Prelog savings, y.1904. In 1802. in Prelog is 460 houses and 1844 residents and 1910. Even residents of 4345!

Substantial cultural and historical value built represents prelog church. Was first built Gothic church, on its ruins was built in Baroque, some details download previous facility (for example, a bell tower). The current church was built between 1753. and 1758. ; svečanu has a large hall, four kupole on vault and five altars: St. James, St. Joseph, St.. John Nepomuk, St. and St. Rozalije. Three kings, of which the number two Gothic, three very beautiful Baroque. Harmonious integration with the church and the surrounding trees has done is an old parish manors (from 18. Century), but today it is in its place was built nova.Rudimentalno is preserved and the old town center-old pub, prelog school buildings and several classic buildings.

Prelog is the industrial and commercial center of the lower Medimurje. It operates a veterinary station, Health and dental surgery, pharmacy and agricultural pharmacy, gas station, bank, bakery, part county uprave.Od economic organizations for instance: Heplast, Hespo, Koplast, Carpenter, Međimurjeplet, drive MTČ and Agricultural Cooperative, Simak, Wiston, then auto-school, car mechanic workshops, carrier, florist's shop, bookstore, furniture, restaurants and a number of shops, markets and department stores and other organizations.

The city operates PREPELICA Hunting Society, the fire department (founded 1875.g), the soccer club, Handball club, Streljački club and Speedway club.

Bearer of cultural life is a branch of the Peasant Concord Prelog was founded 1927. year.

I Čehovec already mentioned 1255. tribe next possession, however distorting, as CHENESA. It is believed that a place named after the Czech craftsmen who lived there. Among properties Zrinski find as Čehovec, 1771. has a population of 324, 744 today. It lies close to the international Railway, north of Prelog.

Speaking about the line of church buildings and villages A. Horvat particularly notable Čehovec "It is especially nice example of this chapel of St.. Rochus in Čehovec, which fall under the parish of St.. George's in Trnje. Nice dimensions, with a bell tower and open laternom, it dominates village's in the street, where ably coordinated with proporcijom rural houses. set up a new As mentioned by Mr. 1822. and vizitate 1841. alleges that for its moderation has only village, it is also up. "

Draškovec mentioned among the properties Zrinskih. Secondary is the size: Mr. 1771. has 355 residents, 206 of 720 economies lives of residents.

Special draškovska value is restored baroque church sv.Rok, with two bell towers, which is a rarity in Medjimurje, can be found only in Štrigova. Close to the main road-church with its bell towers - notice is from a distance, prevails the surrounding area. The main ship her impressive scale, and the interior is rich classic details, in particular to refer to the altar, over whom two angels sticking to a large picture of the church patron. Sveti Rok is otherwise protector from plague, but it is not a protection of people from the disease than cattles treasures: the scourges which is navalila treasure - so much poor completion - and says the documents from g.1760. The church is always a parish, sever the of prelog, the year 1790.

In Draškovec operates elementary school (together with down-kingdom's) and has 177 schoolares, is an active soccer club, the place has a post office, developed trade and catering.

In Hemuševec (288 inhabitants), a village north of Draškovec on the road to Down Kraljevec, remark chapel Mary from 1900. with pseudor-manian portal.

Čukovec - has 328 inhabitants.

In the village there is a chapel of St.. Jakob, with a round sanctuary and bell tower above the front.

On the way to Donja Dubrava and Koprivnica, not far from Prelog according to the East, situated Cirkovljan with 272 farms and 947 inhabitants, the name of the town is obviously sanktoniom of cirkva, the church. The village next to mention Prelog as probably the first seat of the parish, church of Sts. Lawrence, and today is preserved, rather, because of some valuable gothik (older) details. "This is one building, with a sanctuary that is outside, but within a U-turn, the bell tower is next to the west facade, a sacristy, with the year 1784. Beside the door, on the northern side. Emites This year the late Baroque; still 1779. Ship had a tabulate and wooden
place for singing "(A. Horvat)

Town has one of the oldest fire companies (1888.), A local school, the soccer club.

Island property as mentioned in the oldest listini of Medjimurje, one from 1226. Today it is a small village with 329 residents, and today particular mention because of its nearby bridge across the Drava

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The brief history of Prelog
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